Grundtvig Contact Seminar 2009

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Grundtvig Learning Partnerships Contact Seminar


28th  September - 2nd October 2009, Gdańsk

The 5-day event brought together people interested in senior education to develop Grundtvig project ideas and meet potential project partners.

Due to the fact of ageing of the European society, there is a growing need to develop educational offer for senior citizens. To stay an active member of society, member of family and to be a successful human being seniors need to have not only positive approach but also certain knowledge and skills necessary in modern society. There are many organisations helping elderly people to learn more and stay active, which is a good step to improve quality of seniors’ lives.

Around 40 representatives of organizations working within the field of senior education from 12 different countries attended the event. The seminar programme covered presentations on Grundtvig programme and examples of good practice as well as workshops.

Results of the seminar

The seminar aimed at establishing contacts among adult educators working in the field of senior education interested in participating in a Grundtvig Learning Partnership. The working group sessions offered the opportunity to discuss project ideas in multinational groups. Finally 8 concrete project proposals were developed (7 Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and 1 Senior Volunteering Project). You can find draft descriptions prepared by the participants and presented at the end of the seminar in the menu to the left.

Findings from participants' feedback

On the basis of 34 filled in evaluation forms: most of participants (25 persons) rated the seminar as very good.

There was not many critical remarks, but we can still find some areas for improvement. We would like to thank the participants for such comments as: “There could be more participants, so that it is easier to find project partners for the future partnership”, “presentations should be limited”, “a little bit more free time”.

In the forms we also found many nice comments such as:

“The seminar fulfilled my expectations. The cooperation with participants made it possible to share knowledge and experience. I am really satisfied with the organization and help of the representatives of the seminar”

“I’m glad to take part in this seminar”,

 “All the staff are very experienced and they support is very kindly and in a very effective way. Thanks for all”,

 “I have one need – one more contact seminar and very soon :-)”,

 “Perfect & lovely organization”,

“The Polish National Agency staff were great, both professionally and personally speaking. Thank you.”,

 “Excellent job done by the Polish team. Great country and wonderful people”,

“Excellent, warm welcome. Good organization. Five – star team!”,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

More information about the seminar

You can find in the menu to the left further information about the project proposals, the seminar programme, the photo gallery etc.

We would like to thank all participants for their contribution and growing understanding for senior educational needs in Europe.

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